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If I die delete my browser history 🤣

Browser history? Rather, connect an EMP generator to a backup generator connected to a deadmans switch in your home. If you don’t touch it for a week, it blasts everything in the vicinity into uselessness. You can’t trust purely digital means of deletion anymore.

Just don’t do what they recommend in “That time I reincarnated as a slime.” Somebody could be seriously hurt or killed. (Guy asks his friend to throw his computer in the bath-tub while plugged in before he dies.)

They never recommended that and he didn’t ask him to do that. He asked him to get rid of it not specifically throw it in water while plugged in.

I went back to check, in the anime he specifically says to remove the HDD from the PC and put it in the bath- not the entire PC, he does say to make sure all the files are wiped though- nothing about turning it on though. As for the web novel- I haven’t found it in there yet- just “Has my PC been properly disposed of?” from the first chapter. If there’s more it must be further in I guess? Also in the anime when they actually show him destroying it they do point out in the subtitles to “NEVER DO THIS” because- yeah- of course. There’s a 300-1000+ Watt power supply in that thing that’s got fully exposed parts and electricity is running through the whole thing. Though I suppose you could also mention only the Hard Drive and needs to be removed and you can get a program to write over it a thousand times to ensure data is not recoverable if you wanna stop it from ever being used. Then again a Hammer is much faster and no one is going to care enough to want to go through the nightmare that is trying to repair a smashed HDD even if it is technically possible.

It’s clear that several minutes have passed over the past several pages. So I have to question if Phil has a pulse at this point. Two smokin hot women, one of whom loves him and the other who is clearly greenlighting him joining in…. and he’s STILL done nothing?!
Kinda worried about ol’ Phil.

This is something I’ve been wondering since they watched the Shining; Sage, do you have scenes you just don’t add in here? Cause it said Nami had a sexy dream, but the only one hinted upon was Blue’s “The Shining Twins Aren’t So Bad” dream. …Or was the “camera” to Nami from Blue letting us know Nami was having the same dream Blue was?

Nami has been shown repeatedly to have sexy dreams throughout the comic. They are an established thing she deals with as part of her repressed sexuality. Her saying that references that one happened again without showing it. It also worked her up enough to pursue her relationship with Blue.

Michelle is clearly doing it to get a rise out of Phil while Kate looks happy to go along with it.
Meanwhile down in another room Blue’s spine is tingling as she frantically tries to figure out what is setting of her senses.

From the way she is back on top of Kate and where Michelle is checking, I think a rise is exactly what she is trying to see if they can get.

Kate is also clearly enjoying this and both ladies clearly know that they are going to be having fooling around time in their near future and would be happy if, but not require, Phil to get in on the fun.

They look at Phil’s PC and find…that Phil likes catgirls, lesbians, big boobs, and femdom.

Lol thats a point, rather easy to know a artists fetishs. Sage you should totaly plug your patron, have that be what they find on his pc.

That be funny; turns out Phil is not only a pretty decent artist, but he’s not as…immune to the female charm as we think,and he gets blown in for drawing his friends in some pretty…out-there situations(Tentacle Monster anyone?).

Okay, i just finished the first bonus and i got to say i hope it’s not canon because if Sage does link it to his Patron, then he could also link to that and…well i don’t think i need to tell you how much fun that be.

Basically i meant if your going to connect your other works that aren’t…an active part of the canon story here, like the images (usually) found on patron aren’t(such as that one where Blue and a female Phil are students and the former is flirting with the latter), to Phil as if he drew them in world, that you’d do that to the other parts that could be part of canon. Such as the extra stories or the Father’s/Mother’s Day specials where Kate and Phil’s kids show up.

The bonus comics are all Pseudo Canon. They may or may not have happened. The Patreon stuff is all requests and random so some of it could be canon simply because most of them are just character in certain possible situations, other’s less so like crossovers. The only picture I can think of that your talking about with Phil as a girl in a school girl outfit though doesn’t have Blue in it at all, so I’m not sure if you’re confusing the character somehow or if your talking about something else entirely?

The image i was using an example of is if you go straight down on your Patron page the one posted on Jun 30 2020; it has a bigger picture of Kate as a baseball player about to bat. Blue has her tail split at the top and has what i am guessing is fur on her forearms that look like gloves. Both fem-Phil and Blue are (I’m assuming) behind a school in the parking lot, with Blue asking Phil to “cut class so Phil can help her study”. Also Blue’s hair is more a teal.

Yeah, Blue’s hair is – well Blue, she has huge boobs and brown eyes. Nyna is short, has practically no boobs, has furry arms and legs, a split tail because shes a Nekomata, Teal Green hair and yellow eyes. Very… Very different characters.

Okay, now i see the no boobs part; it was the shirt; kind of molded to hide it if you weren’t looking close enough. In my defense i haven’t gotten to that series yet so i just assumed it was Blue thanks to her having the same basic hairstyle and her “boobs”.

These last few pages have been a lot of fun! C’mon Phil work with them, let them know what you might be interested in trying out!

Yeah they have. Not that i don’t enjoy action but too much of even a good thing can get old and honestly, the team can use a break.They did fight life and death. While i may not have actually read that part yet that fight could not have been easy or fun for them given…well far as i now their being with power based on life and death(…right?). And given how life like i find these characters the slice of life stuff is a lot more fun then pretty much anything else on right now.

I don’t think I’ve said it enough, but thank you for not using bad stereotypes for your characters. There’s nothing more trite and overdone than the overconfident male or the demure and mincing girls so often characterized in this kind of situation.

Sex-positive—realistic—role-models should be celebrated whenever used.

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