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Oh yeah I forgot they got the VR stuff and can basically make what ever they like. What kind of sexy VR adventure would Phil and Kate enjoy erotic DND session, sexy space stuff would it be comfortable to do it in zero gravity environments? A gender bending one for the lulz would be funny for all involved. Despite reading this comic for like two years I have no idea what Phil or Kate consider sexy.

Or, Sage, you could decide to draw nipples. Crazier things have happened in recent years.

I can’t find the original source, but I seem to recall a director’s statement about the costumes (very skimpy) at the Moulin Rouge and the Las Vegas shows. To the best of my recollection it went like “What is shown is interesting. What is hidden is essential.” A strong point for not showing nipples in context. Some Japanese hentai had black bars over parts of the male anatomy near the groin, but nothing was actually drawn under the bar. This produced strange images when the bars were removed for American audiences. (I’ve never actually seen hentai, but this is what I was told.)

Another possible approach to the concept would be a faulty invisibility ray that makes all parts of the female body invisible except for the nipples and eyes. Or perhaps a faulty chroma key system that removes everything that is flesh colored and replaces it with a background image. Or the one where a woman wears a blue shirt and the background contains a painting of a naked woman.

There are also multiple options for motion capture and VR systems that have faulty CGI.

For your comment on hentai I just want to point out that it’s illegal in Japan to distribute uncensored porn. This is usually included in selling it to other markets where it can be uncensored. So your statement is mostly incorrect, most of it was drawn fully and censored- however they can only distribute censored material- so they couldnt sell the master without some legal workaround (which they did do it just wasnt as common). So uncensored hentai is usually done by another company outside of the US where they would have to redraw part themselves- because you can’t just flip a switch and make it uncensored. There is no “just removing the black bars” or any way to recover the original drawing after censorship. I wanna clarify that mostly because it’s just bad information. Artists and animators cant just take away elements from a completed project like its nothing even with many being fully digital now. It’s just not that simple and if it was, Japans laws would crack down on it in that scenario.

Forgive me for this but reading about your story on tvtropes peeked my interest in it. However on their i also learned it only started to gain a solid plot after a point. Will you be willing to tell me when it starts, or if it’s even possible to skip to it?

Hey thanks for checking out the comic- I wish I could give you a point to start reading at but I really don’t have a good starting point. The Early pages look horrible but they do introduce the characters and events. I’d recommend reading my newer comic “Artificial Incident” which is linked on the side bar (under the comments if you are on mobile) and if you enjoy that try to get through the start of Yosh! Otherwise- hmmm yeah theres so much you miss if you skip to like page 500. I hope once the series finishes that I might be able to make a new version of it condensed and redone so more people can enjoy it.

Thanks anyway. I’ll try to read it(or read your comics) as you said. I wouldn’t want to miss a part of this story as far as i can tell it has everything one could want; action, romance, slice of life, but it has a “real” feel to it. Like the talk Phil, Kate and Michelle had about “open marriage”? I can see that happening in real life. Put another way the characters feel like real people(from what little i have read).

Also, is there a way for me to change the background on this to something not black/dark-blue? It’s kind of hurting my eyes reading with it.

Yosh! Grows a lot- It starts out pretty goofy and dated but as time goes on it gets more interesting and better written and just feels kinda fun and near completion. Like it still has places to go but the characters have all grown and learned so much that it is in a good place.

As for changing the background colors, I’m sorry there’s nothing that can be done about that, although I’m not sure where you are seeing a lot of text on Black or really dark Blue. All the comments should have a med dark blue to low contrast blue colors that I’ve never had any issues with nor heard of anyone having an issue with. Is your device not showing the proper background?

Where your latest response to me isn’t all that dark. But what makes a fresh post is; like coredumperror’s commenting on Michelle’s chest down below. Plus the area around the comic, outside of the bar with the links(which is that same blue as the new posts) is black. So when you add that to the darker shades of blue it starts to hurt my eyes. It’s the same thing as why i change the color of the Beasts Lair Forum when i can and why it took me so long to get through it before i learned to change it. Seeing as how Yosh is pretty long i was just hoping for a brighter(or just plain white) color pallet so i wouldn’t need to rest my eyes as much.

Replies get gradually lighter to a point, but a few things. The starting blue color isn’t very dark but regardless, there’s no way to change it without a major change to the entire site which is just too much work for one complaint, especially when nothing is written in the lower sections that must be read. Though I admit- my replies are pretty long! I am mostly concerned that perhaps your devices color settings might be off a bit because the color isn’t really all that dark- no where close to Black so it shouldn’t be causing a White Text on Black Background effect.

I know you can’t alter it for me; never expected you to.
I checked in my setting and i didn’t notice anything unusual(though i did see something fun with o e pf the settings so thank you for that). Nor did i see any difference between my current machines and others the few times i use the. All i know is where it says the number of comments in the gap just before the comments start the entire things is black outside of “Comments #”.
Thank you for trying to help me anyway.

Well, there’s one thing that the awkward censorship really brought home for me: Michelle is HUGE. 🙂

The way her left breast is contorted by her arm is quite surprising. What is she, an H cup?

Who isn’t huge in this?
…Though i wouldn’t mind a bust chart. It is kind of hard to tell who’s bigger; they all look the same size to me.

There is an old Bust Chart, it’s hidden deep in the history of the Patreon Page so no one will ever find it!

That said many of them are very different in size but a good number of them are large. Here’s the breakdown from Largest to Smallest (Demoness can shapeshift so she can be anywhere on the list) Toyoko > Blue = Michelle > Serena > Kate > Naoko > Lia > Nami > Miyo > Rieko > Lien =? Death > Emi

Speaking of extras that can’t be seen I’ve noticed both the Cast and Bonus Comics tabs don’t have anything on them. Did you move them to somewhere else?

That is something I need to fix- The Bonus comics DO exist still and are on the site- there are just no links to them! Which is something I really need to do soon. The cast page though- I never liked any of the versions I had designed and my designer is really busy. We are already looking into new site designs and things so I think the next update we’ll include the cast page finally.

For now though- Body Cross Chaos –
Island Adventure –

I’m curious if the “paint my body with dragon scales and we could do lewd things” is an homage to Two Kinds’ Nora and Trace?

Not at all. Good friend of Tom’s and a fan of Twokinds but usually if I do something referencing him or his comic I’d make it pretty clear. It was more a joke about Dungeons and Dragons being called “Dungeons and Dragons” so shed be a Dragon- doing lewd things in a type of “Dungeon”. That’s the joke- and now that I’ve explained it, it’s a hundred times funnier.

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