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I definitely relate very much here. I have a rather large range in terms of what body types I find attractive. Tho if I had to choose I would say I am probably a bit more of a booty guy.

I’m somewhat the same. I have something of a wide strike zone, but there has to be certain traits. For instance Black, white or blond hair is one; no red or brown. As for “boobs or butts” go it depends on the ratio, both on their own and together. For instance if the boobs are “Eiken sized” then no. Same with the butts. So all in all while I’m more a breast guy the other two sizes have to match the first size.

Poor Phil… one thing is having your preferences out in the open, its a whole other thing to have them picked apart and questioned by two attractive half-naked women who wants you and your preferences the best… :p
Also, good luck to anyone going through MY stash and trying to pick preferences! XD

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