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Yeah Cortex is still around with his own delusions of grandeur to be put down. Sorry buddy the world only needs ONE hero and considering Phil already found the way to attain a flawless victory… YOU ARE TOO LATE. Now leave him to enjoy his awesome future wife and her hot robot girl friend(s) NOBODY LIKES YOU ANYWAY CORTEX.

Well I would say it’s more like the twins are contained and behaving…… for now! Then there is the matter of those extra dimensional beings the celestials are so intent on destroying the moment they show up. Yeah, still plenty of issues to address!

Idr if he stated it somewhere in the comic, but I feel like Cortex’s ultimate plan is to reverse the Weirding, resealing or possibly destroying magic. Which would likely cause the deaths of every Chimera on Earth, plus disempower anything that has magic in it (like orichalcum). But then again, literally everything on the planet has been touched by magic, even if they weren’t changed, so it could be that his plan would kill everything on the planet.

Oh Blue, there’s always the side bosses. Secret bosses. The unfortunate twist where the “final boss” isn’t actually defeated yet. (Doesn’t seem likely in this case, admittedly.)
…of the continuation of the story in the next game, where there’s even MORE bosses!

Just hope the difficulty, and the stakes, are never that high again.

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