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I think this is the first time we have seen the pink accent fur in Carol’s ears!
I really like the art on this page. It’s slightly different from the more resent style that has been used for the last few years. I think it’s the lighting, combined with both the less round eye shape, and a higher point of perspective. It lends a air of seriousness that Yosh! Feels like it’s lacking some days, after it’s good case of cerebus syndrome. The twins, and proxy seem like they could use it the most.

But then we have pages like this year’s, and it definitely works just fine with the light-heartedness and accompanying art style.

-meoi lass

That’s not pink, it’s purple, which is just the shading color I used- she doesnt have pink in her ears ^_^. I am trying to do more with perspective, practicing more and using it more in the comics as I’m becoming more comfortable with it. Yosh! has always been a place I use to learn more and change things while also often keeping things simple. Blue’s more narrow eyes are to go with the expression for her joke. Expanding facial expressions is definitely something I want to continue to improve and take advantage of as they make characters more life like, even when the expression isn’t realistic.

Oh man, I’m sorry sage! I guess attempting to view fine details while using a mobile browser isn’t really suggested! Glad to hear it’s only shading and not me somehow missing a detail for years. The color palette is beautiful as always; the purple (not pink) fits very well in with the nearby tones.
You are really an amazing artist, thanks for practicing and letting us all see the amazing story it all becomes.
-Meoi Lass

I love how Blue reacts here. Like she knows Nami will get all the details, so she won’t take no for answer herself. lol

On the other hand…. poor Phil. His sex life is now public gossip.

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