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How is Kate able to do that? She still needs a source to pull from, doesn’t she? And I’m not seeing any jewelry on her currently, unless she is keeping it cloaked, or wearing an anklet.

I joke about the anklet thing because it’s a joke that I rarely draw feet… However she does usually cloak a ring or a necklace, though she hasnt really talked about it, she can actually draw magic from a source from a decent distance now. She doesn’t need to be in contact, but within a few feet is enough now. She may be able to expand this capacity later… But not important to the current silliness. ^_^

Okay so this is blue we are talking about how big was that shirt in the first place?

Even money says that once the shock wears off now Blue is going to start lewdly ‘suggesting’ Kate shrink/alter/remove/make see-through other peoples’ clothing, based just on this.

Wait, way it worded, did kate try to target blue with that but it failed and only affected her shirt, did she just try to shrink blue’s boobs.

I don’t think Kate would really go so far as to alter a person’s body without their permission, something that Blue and herself have experienced (referring to them becoming chimeras in the first place).

But it was enough that, even if only for a second, Blue really thought that Kate was going to do something to her.

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