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so in combat, if you can’t transform someone you could… transform their clothes into blades or something ?

Well imagine how distracting it would be in combat to suddenly have your clothes become super tight. Might even hinder movement which could be a real problem. And if Kate were feeling particularly vicious what if she were to do it to something like a neck tie? Could be her version of a Force Choke!

Necktie? what about underwear? hellwedgies might break some concentrations.

hellwedgie pulled up over the eyes.. break concentration , an block vision..
chafing ,, all armor has some under cloth, to prevent chafing.. “tranform” it is now too small, an 5 grit sandpaper..

Coming back to it this evening, Kate could go the other direction as well, make all of someone’s clothes too big. Suddenly get’s a lot harder to fight if you’re having to hold up your pants with one hand! That is if you don’t mind fighting in the buff anyways.

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