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Just being hungry, no—not if you’re human.

Hunger is a strange imperative for creatures, though, and you never know how it could affect another species (such as a demon).

What am I getting at here? Easy… I’m playing Devil’s Advocate. 😀

Normal hunger, no, but the raging starvation Demoness was undergoing? And the fact that her “food” is emotions? …

Her spice is emotions. In past times, ya she was starving. There wasn’t much ambient magic. In current comic times there’s plenty, but just the raw stuff. Like being surrounded by mounds of uncooked rice. Every day, all day, every meal. We’ve seen the lengths humans go to for flavoring. Even today, spice wars are no joke.

When you’re hungry because you’re starving yourself because you don’t like “unflavored” food (think the least appetizing and flavored cereal) you get less leeway.

Also, there’s a lot of emotional centers out there. If they’re palatable you can go to places like major sporting events, or hospital ERs, or movie theaters, or libraries during Finals Week, or churches during mass.

But those don’t fill with shame, embarrassment, and sexual frustration. Well, maybe the church.

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