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Wait a second, is that how you plan to keep this pg sage, lots of sexual teaseing but they never show him everything, in other words lots of convenient censoring.

Convenient censoring is the greatest form of censorship. It is an art, and I- am an artist. *Poses dramatically* (What is this Pandemic doing to me O_O)

It’s an interesting little philia (as pretty much all of them are) with a lot of variations and levels to it. I’m curious to see how they handle exploring that, and how our demoness—who we know has a taste for exactly that—behaves herself while around what might be her literal favorite food.

Though, if only *Kate* triggers this particular brand of emotional umami, that might be a very good thing for her hornedness. A delightful meal she can only sample when she plays nice and is allowed to.

Life, as ever, only gets more complicated. This is by design. Great work, and please keep going!

honestly surprised that she can even taste Phil if it is emotion flavored magic she is sensing I would think his Null powers would snuff out any emissions he would make

It seems more that the Null power cancels out spells, not the mana they come from.

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