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Well… Don’t we all? ^_^
If Sage did a silly spinoff about the light novel plot featuring Catgirl Philomena, I’m sure quite a few of us would read it.

My guess is a longshot and highly unlikely due to “Characterization Marches On”, but didn’t Nami have a slight crush on Phil in the early parts of the comic?

Is the confusing tail on Kate’s first word balloon an accident, or does it have some meaning that I’ve missed?

Is it confusing? I just thought it was funny to weave it around that bit of Michelle’s hair- also generally try to avoid crossing over lines unless its to the character.

Yeah, I was initially confused by it too. As Haylo says, it’s easy to miss on a small screen.
I think the way the white stops before the tail turns towards Kate doesn’t help, since the black outline kinda gets lost in the darker background and the other lines it crosses (particularly on a small screen like a smartphone).

It’s probably been resolved in the meantime, but in case it hasn’t… I think its Lilith: She’s a high-up, a through and through weird and crazy person and she’s definitely interested in love stories and the like. I think she also let slip that she knows some anime stuff during their last missing (after defeating proxy I think).

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