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One of my biggest regrets when making Yosh! was using the Phil character from my local comic story I did back from Freshmen High school. But Phil and Kate were both characters in that and I wanted to keep using them! So I ended up using a new version of a self insert. Bit too late to fix that! So just enjoy the silly character that is not me but shares my name (not my likeness because I have ages far more than Phil in almost 17 years now :P). That said though, Phil has very much become his own character and I’m happy for that. Never really wanted to make a story about myself in the first place, it’s just a rookie mistake when creating a story you personally imagined and came up with.

Oh and- Streaming tonight at 9pm EDT over at!


Sage, if your life is even remotely similar to Phil’s in regards to the company he’s surrounded with, I just have to say I’m jealous.

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