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Blue seems rather annoyed shes not a Thirsty Lesbian lol

if someone wrote something about you and screwed with how you represent yourself, you’d be pretty annoyed too. at least I would be

turning me from an “Asexual, Steelworking Master, Mid tier boss” to a “Heterosexual, Tailor extraordinaire, High Tier Boss” would irritate me to no end

I can see why. I can only imagine how much time and effort it must take to become a Steelworking Master. You earned that title, dammit!

through no small amount of blood sweat and tears! and fingernails… and hair, set myself alight more often than I care to admit, and had to spend a week at home recently because I split myself with a grinder…

but yeah for me, even if it hurts, and it will probably kill me one day, but steel-work is a core part of my identity, my sexuality is less so, but for others, especially the more outgoing, sensual types like blue who DO seem to have that as their core, having that part of you rewritten, even if its just a facsimile of you in a book… just thinking about that makes me angry.

What if the light novel’s author is aware of the events of “Body cross chaos” and drew erroneous conclusions about Blue’s sexuality based on what she almost did to Phil while they were in each other’s bodies?

I would argue that doesn’t make someone bisexual, as Blue in mind is a woman even in Phil’s body and Phil in a female body meets her requirement for physical attraction. As far as she was concerned she as a woman was engaging in sex with a woman, thus- Lesbian still.

Regardless- BCC is left vague as to if it actually really was canon or not and will never be confirmed to be or not.

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