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now he’s making me curious as of how well glasses works underwater.

one- they don’t.
second he must have glued them on otherwise they’re already gone
I’m curious if this will be explained or if sage just forgot to draw phil without them

There are straps for glasses to keep them from falling off. I have such a pair. Those straps have saved them from damage several times when I took a fall. They just ended up hanging around my neck. So, if there are loose straps like that, I could see someone having tighter straps that keep them from falling off at all. Probably wouldn’t be comfy, but I imagine such tight straps do exist.

Pretty well. Of course you risk damaging the glasses, especially if you dry them off with a regular towel, like I did. My old glasses are scratched to heck from years of that treatment, and now I only wear them in the shower.

I did not forget them as i clearly drew them, I personally wouldn’t wear glasses in a pool – I take my glasses off when im swimming- but Phil wouldnt. Also scratch resistant glasses are a thing, they most certainly can be worn in a pool- just be careful as it is easy to lose them- without wearing them he wouldn’t be able to see his fiance in that cute bikini. Well worth the risk (especially since he has many extra pairs seeing as he wears them in martial arts training where people do not go easy on him… in other words, they get broken often).

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