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#2373 published on 12 Comments on #2373

Well, they did mention a long time ago that one of the methods of killing Phil would be to suffocate him- but choking him wouldn’t be as effective as drowning or putting him in a vacuum. Stands to reason Lien would want to see about eliminating his weaknesses… They also don’t trust Phil with his own safety- for some reason! <_<


Ok, my first thought is that everything else he’s proven invulnerable to has obviously been something during which he was still able to breathe. A nigh-invulnerability to anything physical, and an immunity to any aggressive magic, is still not nearly the same thing as being able to function without breathing or a heartbeat or something like that. Indeed, the fact that his nullification magic (so to speak) protects his inside organs from outside forces would indicate to me that his insides are still very much mortal and squishy and in need of things like breathable air. I could see his power somehow making magically-poisoned air into something he could breathe, but outright able to survive no air at all? I am skeptical, and in favor of not trying it.

This entire sequence has me intrigued in ways that I can’t quite express in words. Well, except one word… “Booooooooobs”.


Boobs are fun to draw, and drawing them in water provides an interesting opportunity since they float. Also coloring skin is fun and certainly something I need more practice with especially with how often I draw characters in their slice of life day to dayness- which includes a lot of being mostly nude because- who wears lots of clothes when your lounging around your own house/room? I mean- sure maybe a t-shirt and some comfy pants or shorts at most but fully clothed like you were going out? Nonsense, totally unrealistic.

and here in sunny old England, I’m sitting in bed, jogging trousers and a jumper over my PJ’s, and wrapped up in my duvet and an extra blanket, still cold, my going to work clothes is basically an extra couple of shirts under the jumper and a set of overalls on top… we, haven’t even truly hit winter yet.

you got a spare room there?

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