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I feel like Michelle is channeling my thoughts. I’m kinda worried for Kate. It’s one thing to be kind, but Phil is coming across as depressingly prudish. Not expecting any actual scenes of sexy time, but I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t make lewd comments at this point.

I’d say he’s coming across as asexual, with nothing prudish about it whatsoever. He is pretty clear that he’s, at worst, completely and utterly neutral on the subject. He’s accepting and understanding, and for them, that is very clearly enough.

Um… no.

Umm… no to your no. If you can’t imagine anyone not being able to keep control of themselves to not say something lewd then perhaps you need to expand the people you associate with? Jannicks take here is perfectly legitimate and fairly accurate, dismissing it because you can’t understand it is not helpful to understanding how Phil is. Phil is not a prude, he’s just not comfortable being naked around people. This has been shown time and time again. He’s OK with Kate, but not yet there with Michelle.

Seriously. I mean really we’ve seen him being completely sympathetic to people literally trying to kill him and everyone he cares for… how have you NOT figured out that Phil’s initial response to pretty much everything is “…Okay.” and yes that’s a OPM reference.

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