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#2403 published on 8 Comments on #2403

Few things! This will be explained more in the next page, was just important to set it up like this. For those who think they know where this is going- you’ll find out soon if you are right! For anyone who recognizes who this man is a parody of and thus knows where Phil is- congrats! You are a super nerd and I love you for it!

Oh and finally, no the city is not on fire behind him. I was playing around with painting abstract blurriness with different colors based on the sun hitting buildings that are brown and stucco-white, was looking at some refs for old buildings like that by the water and there was a lot of blown out blurry images that looked kinda cool in the background. So I went with it! So it’s not fire! Just… very bright and perhaps too extreme on the depth of field attempt!. . .


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