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I hope she’s not like Khelben, or else the team is going to have to fight an authoritarian archmage to keep their higher brain functions.

Do wonder if they’re related or other otherwise associated. A secret and cross-dimensional cabal of Arch-Wizards all known as The Blackstaff. That’s both interesting and freaky.
Also, she called them “Outworlders”. Looks like the computer running the sim chose Lady Blackstaff as it’s avatar. Now I wonder if this computer is becoming sentient by virtue of being created and regularly accessed by a bunch of magically powered people.

Lady Blackstaff does not need to be the computer’s main avatar. If this -is- the granddaughter of Khelben Blackstaff, then she probably knows all about planewalking and other worlds. The Forgotten Realms have had lots of incursions over the centuries, and the top archmages spend a lot of time vacationing and meddling in other worlds.

Yeah, but it was never “established” that this is Waterdeep or even FR, wiki-size and certain characters not withstanding. 🙂
DMs usually have no problems rip-um, I mean, being inspired by published campaign settings for their own games if for no other reason that it’s one less thing they have to make up. I certainly have done that in my games and don’t even play in FR anymore.

Did…Did they get Isekai’d?

Less Konosuba, more Bofuri. But they aren’t maxing out a single stat. 😛

I loved that series. Especially the final episode. It boiled down to “She’s amusing, she’s good for ratings, leave her be.” from Admin. And the players?

“That’s just wrong.” when they saw her create an army of Godzillas. And of course, being good sports they were “time to up our game!”

I picked up a D&D icons of the realms Waterdeep Dragon Heist figure box the other day and got a Vajra Safahr figure and as soon as I looked closely at it I immediately had to pull up this page, they look exactly alike. I’m not huge On D&D lore, but this was a fun little thing to find.

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