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#2411 published on 9 Comments on #2411

While walking along we get to see some new armor for Blue, will she stick with it? I dunno! Maybe I’ll put her in different armor every time she shows up. That said, I appreciate Blue sticking with her character. If she were playing a character more like herself- you can bet she’d wear the closest thing to a platemail bikini that she could get away with. Or take a level in barbarian and go nude. Oh yes… it’s a viable strategy.


Well you know, for female characters, the less armor there is, the higher the protection.

I also think some of the readers wouldn’t mind seeing Blue in the nude. But, he’s trying to keep the ratings down, so he’d have to use a lot of creative censorship to avoid any naughty bits being seen.

I must say one thing positive, we’ve got armor on a female that doesn’t have metal boobs sticking out! Still not a realistic design (look at the neck), but its better than some because the front is flat and not curved around her bust!

And yes, this is me being silly and cracking jokes.

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