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Ah, good old charisma. It can open a lot of doors, and in my experience shut even more, seduce the big bad, somehow make a door blush and then open, and cause a guy to get hit every time he spoke (he had negative 3 charisma, so everyone had to roll not to hit him). I play weird DnD sessions and hear about even weirder one’s from my friends.

Good amounts of Charisma, in the right hands, can also be used Against the players. Remember, Seduction(Charisma) can cause more problems than it solves! Like oh, you just seduced the mob boss’ wife, and she decides to keep seeing you, behind her husband’s back!

Always pleasant to see someone who pretends to be unshakeable (which comes across as arrogance)…. shaken to their core.

… I didn’t realize Kate was playing an Evil alignment.

Hmm…. that does bring up an interesting question. What is the computer network that runs the VR simulation made of? Is it the standard server room everyone knows of, or is it made from some variation of the phylactaries that the Android girls use to house their consciousness? Shiden said the girls “souls” were based on thousands of different brain scans from women all over; how he got them might be an interesting story, but anyway.
The VR interface has to read the brains of the users, both Android and Human plus one Demon, so what if it was scanning them and building an algamam personality; a magical/silicon equivalent to biological evolution.
So if this budding intelligence is using Blackstaff as an Avatar and someone just said they’re going to do what sounds like a lobotomy….

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