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Kate clearly didn’t invest any ranks in Diplomacy.

Well, its not so much Diplomacy Ranks 0 as she’s not even trying to be Diplomatic in the discussion. You could have high ranks in Diplomacy, but that is only useful if you’re actively trying to be diplomatic. Even the smoothest of people can quite simply forget to be polite or courteous at the worst of times.

I’d almost say instead of Diplomacy she’s rolling Intimidate… and doing moderately well, at that. Maybe with a bit of bluff added in there too.

A successful intimidate may get a desired result while the target is in your presence, but soon after you leave they become unfriendly and can work against you.

Kate may be buying time to get everyone OUT to regroup before the newly autonomous system rewrites itself and removes her admin access – and possibly other failsafes.

Um, this makes me look like a furvert, but wasn’t Kate wearing (visible) underpants earlier?

Eh, that wouldn’t make you a furvert. Tieflings still have skin, not fur. It’s like how people thing elves are hot. Same sorta deal. Of course, only on the internet could you see someone say “you forgot the panties” and nobody bats an eye over the statement. Though in movies, it could be slightly more critical.

Weird Science.
“We forgot the bra”

Kudos if you remember the scene.

Phil: So! Now that you know we’re capable of rewriting your entire world without even trying, are you going to hold us accountable for a minor mistake with a tower in your roads, or just let us go on our way?
Mayor: I think I’ll just let you go on your way and humbly beg your pardons, oh ye mighty administrator gods!

I can’t help but think to myself that if something like the zone of truth is effective, what else would be at least so long as Kate didn’t resort to using administrative powers? Furthermore, wonder if the deities of this virtual world might take notice 🤔

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