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Tfw a bunch of gods tell you to give them random tasks to do or they’ll erase you and everything you care about from existence, then replace that existence with one that will do so.

Vajra was quite a powerful wizard. Even a god—though a great problem—wouldn’t be beyond her ability to call allies to fight.

These new “visitors” are far beyond even a god in Forgotten Realms. They could modify/delete/create gods as they see fit.

I wonder if Lady Blackstaff will start behaving like Q (from Star Trek TNG, not any other franchise) because of her new knowledge….. After all, that was one of the major reasons he’s pestering Picard (and allegedly other puny mortals of various species, though it’s never shown) all the time…. it keeps the Über-entities that created/run reality entertained and interested to keep doing so….

I think it was said somewhere (I think in one episode of Voyager?) that Q is pretty much the only Q that still bothers to do so, because all the other Qs are just so burnt out and almost yearning for death from the knowledge that their continued existence relies solely on the entertainment of unknowable entities…..

That would have been interesting, but I never heard even one mention of that in TNG.

As for the Q Collective being burnt out, according to Voyager that was because they’d collectively experienced and done so much that the totality of the multiverse didn’t seem to have anything new to offer. They had no more mountains to climb, no more oceans to cross; they could do anything. There was no challenge.
Only Quin wanted death, and that was because he felt he had nothing left to live for personally, and because his death would force the Collective to once again contemplate the big questions that come with being alive. His death did indeed shake up the Q Continuum; it sparked off a civil war that endangered existence itself because it made stars randomly go nova all over the place.

TNG-Q kept picking on mortals and testing them because they could surprise and stimulate him. He became miserable when the Collective stopped him from doing so, but fortunately for him, the civil war and Q Junior came along.

Oh yeah, there was that whole Q civil war thing….

But I do know that it was mentioned SOMEWHERE that the Q in general, and TNG-Q in particular, were doing what they do to keep some kind of MUCH higher entities entertained…. maybe it was in one of the books? (I know, I know, anything not on the TV/movie screen is not considered main, established canon…)

She almost looks like she’s being forced to entertain psychopaths and she knows she can’t fight back against it. I could actually see Phil picking up on this and offering to show her their world and help her understand why they created this world Blackstaff exists in (and therefore advocate to keep it running).

What are the chances that the moment everyone leaves, Lady Blackstaff calls upon allies to discuss what to do about the “visitors”…

Lady Blackstaff is smart,, i can see her calling allies an other high “people” and warn them off… IE: ” we have very high level adventures coming to town,. don’t bother them, an for Deities sake Don’t involve them in “Any” city squabbles.!” “because they might just take over the city,. and throw us out, just because they can.!!”

“Yes, we can just casually rewrite your world as we see fit. But we’re here because we’re bored. Regular old adventurer work, please!”

……okay, now I kinda wanna see what would happen if she wrote up a report based on this meeting, and how the people who would get such a report would react…. =D

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