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he looks like that guy from Full Metal Alchemist

Not gonna lie, I have been known to put points into skills (in videogames) just because it would give me some cosmetic effect, like glowing eyes.

D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms had a feat especially for adding a cosmetic effect to spells. I forget what it’s called right now, but it served no other purpose at all.

Obviously not. Alchemists don’t get cantrips.

Incorrect. D&D alchemist do get cantrips.

My mistake. I thought you were using Pathfinder 1E, still. ^^;
By the way, I didn’t know D&D had an Alchemist class. Which system is it in? 3.5? 5e?

For the comic- they decided to use wiki data from Dungeons and Dragons because of the wealth of it- and because Kate wanted something Phil would recognize and geek out over. Since their characters used to be Pathfinder characters- they have been converted and given a few unique abilities as hold overs from their Pathfinder characters.
D&D 5e – Artificer Alchemist Subclass.

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