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Don’t immovable rods have a maximum force they can withstand?

They have a maximum weight capacity (4 tons in 5e; exceed that and it deactivates & falls), and if specifically pushed against it is possible to move it… slowly… if you’re really strong (DC 30 Strength check to move it up to 10 feet; even the most powerful “standard” dragon is only 5% likely to pull that off without some form of assistance).

And yes, physics would normally cause that to work differently, but since magic is involved a certain degree of suspension of disbelief is to be expected.

Especially since by physics, an Immovable Rod would have to also be traveling in very energetic orbital path. An extreme low orbit satellite. Over coming both air resistance and gravity, to maintain a geo-stationary (and self-correcting for axial wobble) position. I’m am 100% okay with letting the Wizards have this one.

The shield is no longer being wielded at that point – it looks like it becomes part of the terrain, albeit floating. So more like redirecting the attack entirely and see if the shield itself breaks.

But then again all of this is the kind of shenanigans where rules get re-interpreted or created on the fly to account for what’s happening when standard procedures don’t apply.

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