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what better idea,,,. hide a grain of sand in the middle of a desert….

then wind eventually grinds it across other pieces of sand breaking it… Also has to be a certain size for the enchantment to work and the value of an item increases it’s ability to hold enchantments. So has to be a big opal- these are pretty big so they are all very expensive T_T

Hide a gem about a mile under a desert of sand, or however many miles you can.

See, but we are talking about D&D – you put something that valuable in the ground, eventually a purple worm is going to eat it. Throw it into the sea, and a Kraken or Aboleth is going to find it, there’s a reason why liches and dracolichs keep their stuff in both protected but known locations… Also when they reform they do so near their phylactery- though dracoliches are a bit special, they have to inhabit a body of some kind but it can be further away than a lich has to reform.

Liches reform usually within a hundred feet of their Phylactery, but a dracolich doesn’t have the same regenerative feature and have to take over the remains of another dragon- or even lizard. That said- he definitely has a few hidden dragon corpses around…

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