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Let’s just hope she still has Smite-Slots left!

It’s like Hardness 12 and 2 digits of HP or something. She doesn’t need much to break it.

Unless Dracolich boosted it with 3rd party hardening enchantments.

Of course I always liked the lich who used Trap The Soul on The Tarrasque and used magic to put his phylactery inside the gem.

Well I mean, large is a defined size in dnd, but if it was fallowing those size rules… well dracolitch be dammed a gem that size would be more than worth the trouble of finding a way to keep the gem.

well…i mean, large is defined for gear and items as twice the size of a regular piece, not like it’s defined for character models, since large weapons are not larger than a person(giant sized weapons, maybe, but not large). Large weapons are worth it though, since they also deal double the damage dice, if also taking a huge penalty to fight with unless your character is a beast of strength

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