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…so is the world Persistent or does Lady Blackstaff get turned off?

I was thinking more along the lines of: Somehow Lady Blackstaff will find herself in Phil’s world after hers is shut down.
Not the first time in this mini-arc that Sage has given the impression Lady Blackstaff is going to be an ongoing recurring character. I just hope that’s what is actually happening. Would love to see her reaction to the real world.

Yeah level one is just so boring, your class barely means anything, and your basically as strong as a standard villager, if that. Yet almost all stories start you as a adventurer, or with some backstory that implies you had some training that would at least put you at about 2 to 3 times the strength of random village shmuk. Like i feel like a if your starting as already a adventurer you should be able to safely kill a goblin one on one.
For these reasons I preferrer starting character at level 3-5.

It depends on how experienced the players are to the game system IMO. 1st and 2nd in 5e are about learning the basics of gameplay (action economy, spell slots/preparation if your character has them, etc…). When you get your subclass at 3rd level is where the character really starts to come into their own.

Start at level 3. Always. HP is far from the only reason; actually being able to feel like you’re playing what you’re playing is nice, and level 1 means that it takes that much longer to get there.

Or better yet, ditch d20 systems with their painfully limited leveling and character growth!

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