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“It’s been two days”

I’d hope there’s something there to deal with muscle atrophy, because days of inactivity (effectively bed rest) will lead to a rapid loss of muscle tone for those that still have meat-spaceships.

The character may be male but that is a dress, not a robe. It has a boob window

Actually- it’s based on a robe design that was intended for males, it would fit better if he wasn’t so small with less broad shoulders, it also doesn’t come close to having a boob window, it would have to plunge a lot further than that to be in a boob window position- also- boob windows have to have to be a window- not part of the head/neck hole.

Still. That square neckline thing hangs lower than even Kate’s, Somewhat below his armpits which is odd for something designed for men, less so if you want to show the start of a valley

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