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#2465 published on 9 Comments on #2465

I’m gonna be honest, I was looking over some stuff and was like… Serena and Emi could use some more time in the comic so I just pulled some old notes to fill in some fun for this shorter than normal month (What with fillers and such coming I didn’t want a bunch of fillers in the middle of the next big thing so…)


so . . .your pulling up everyone else you forgot bout after the vr shenanigans?

Forgot about? I’ve been writing and drawing most of these characters for over 15 years. I haven’t forgotten about any of them. Nah, the point of this is to give them some time in the story now because they don’t have much to do soon… As we draw closer to the wedding…

Other than when a commenter called Blue by her name and left you very confused over who.

it’s at times like these that I wish we could upvote individual comments on this site

When did that happen? Because usually when I act confused its because they say So and so in the comic- and its not who they say it is or they are attributing something to someone else. Like “Why did blue do that?” when Nami did it- I do remember someone called Nami, Nami Carell, which is not her name- that’s Nami’s name and Blue’s last name.

Then there’s the part where someone says something wrong, and they email me asking me If I can delete their message because of the error- and I just edit their post fixing it.

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