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I could totally see Phil waking up the next morning to find his part of the underwear drawer as just a block of ice. He might not be targetable with magic, but things he relies on are easier affected.

Up until he touches them, remember the magic made pitfall trap that they tested on him?

I think thats because he was there as they tried to affect it. If it happened outside his presence i think it’d become regular ice before his abilities nulled it.

As I recall, the pit filled itself in as he walked over it, like that Flash scene in the Snyder cut, but any real effect you use magic for, like tossing a rock that was already there won’t be nulled. So maybe if instead of freezing the water directly, where canceling the magic would thaw it out, maybe you just make the surroundings freeze, causing that ice to build up naturally.

I’m gonna assume you mean she actually takes them and freezes them in a freezer considering shes the magi of power, not the magi of water. Also, yeah if it was magical regardless of how long ago it will just vanish. See the lich’s cave where they used a magically created icewall to hide stuff.

you know funny I was about to ask that, though on the thought of what she could do she could EMP all of Phil’s games so the save data is erased

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