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I thought that was a job requirement?

Only for red states.

The red states aren’t the ones that confirmed a supreme court justice primarily because of race and gender while calling people bringing up her court records racist.

This is a comic, not a political fighting club.

I don’t know how US elects supreme court justice but I would be surprised if they aren’t elected based primarily on their suitability. The bipartite political system fuzzifies that, but that plays second fiddle, no!?

And now we leave the dumb politics for the likely as dumb jokes. “Why did the Senator cross the road?” “…” “To get to see how the other side lives.”

That’s how they’re supposed to be nominated and confirmed. But that’s not how it went down this time.

As for lil Rose, remind us which states people are fleeing from and which states they’re fleeing to? Oh right, fleeing blue states and running to red states. Says everything you need to know.

If you actually bother to look into her career, you will see that she is actually far more intelligent and qualified for the position than the last two right wing scotus picks combined. Literally the only ones making an issue of her race and gender are the right wing, who have been making racist attacks about it. Which is what two of the responses here have literally been.

Congrats everyone- you were all wrong and all right at the same time about different things. Bringing up nonsense talking points on things that don’t matter here much less in actual politics. So Let’s go down the list-
There are stupid politicians on every side, this is just a fact, for every Red state with an idiot there is a Blue state with an idiot. For every positive action there is an over reaction from the opposing side. These people are supposed to work together like we are but everyone is so divided that we cant agree on freakn anything.
It’s wrong to have a person take up a position simply because of their sex, gender, and or ethnicity, however the person was extremely qualified regardless. This is just a fact even with all the made up crap about them. Now it was a dick move by the Republicans to block a supreme court justice that Obama had nominated over a reasoning that they then did the reverse on- that’s acting in bad faith and is incredibly hypocritical, anyone who disagrees is being needlessly partisan. You can say its was the right thing to do for their goal but you can also agree it was a dick move. As for people “fleeing” states- its important to understand why, most of those states are overpopulated and expensive because of it. Moving isnt going to make the democrats more republican, it’s going to start turning the red states more blue. Few states are so solidly red or blue that a large influx of people won’t have any effect. So if you are proud of your state being a color, know that colors change all the time. Especially since the more population generally the more blue a state becomes.

None of that should be a bad thing either, we need to work together to get things done. If you want to continue crapping on each other because of a few minor things you disagree on no one is going to want to help you when we actually need to work together. When it comes down to it we all agree on so much, yet all we do is focus on what we don’t agree on or how we should do things. I think we should try new things and learn what works best. Study, learn and grow. If you can factually prove one thing over another then I will follow, but we are mostly stuck on things neither side can prove, you just think with your heart instead of the part of you designed to actually think.

Now- any more political talk in the comments will be deleted. Such is my right as the owner of this space. You all know I have a side here, everyone does, but it doesn’t matter. I will help either side so long as they want my help and are willing to accept what I have to offer even if they don’t like it.

Ack. I step out for one day and all this? For a start I was talking about politics in general and the perception of politicians from all walks of life. (I’m Australian, if I started talking politics it would confuse everyone.)

I’m sorry, Sage, I didn’t mean to start this, I swear! ;(

Senator really stepped in it and now made Shiden’s life more….. annoying? Because now that that is out he’s going to have media out the wazoo clamoring to interview him, international panels out to interrogate him (have fun traveling anywhere outside the U.S. Shiden), all sorts of attention that he probably didn’t want to deal with. Well at least not like this anyway.

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