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I mean, I have the same reaction to sowing, make-up, and “dating advice” “content” creators having millions of followers. None of that content is “millions of subscribers” interesting.

Arguably, practically no content that has “millions of subscribers” is “millions of subscribers” levels of interesting. Game Grumps & Pewdepie have millions of subscribers, but would you say that idiots having dumb conversations while playing video games is interesting enough a concept to have millions of subscribers? And yet, they’ve managed to build up such a following.

Make-up and fashion are major points of focus for, at a minimum, the female half of the population, and a growing percentage of the male population. Sowing, needlework & other thread-based creation-work is less important to today’s common population, but can be considered related while having historical touchstones, when not taking into consideration doing things like clothing adjustments, which fit under “fashion”.

All in all, even if you don’t have an interest, there is an interest there, and some can take advantage of their attitude and skills to generate a following.

Lock Picking Lawyer
Periodic Videos
Felix Colgrave
Smarter Every Day

I could go on and on. If you doubt that there are multi-million follower channels that are making good content—you aren’t looking very far beyond what Youtube recommends.

In my own mind, what I was referring to was the concepts behind the content. Let’s look at the concept behind “Lock Picking Lawyer”, for a moment. It can be simplified down to “Man picks locks on camera”, just like how fashion & make up videos can be simplified down to “Gives advice/tips on self-beautification”. Neither of these concepts are, in and of themselves, something that’s inherently interesting enough to garner “millions of subscribers”. The quality of the videos, the method of presentation, the originality/timing of the idea, the channel’s lifespan, and the volume of videos all come together to form the possibility of some individual’s reaching “millions of interested subscribers”. There’s just a whole bunch more people interested in self-beautification than there are for locks, but there’s less people showcasing locks, lockpicking, and advice related to them.

In short, what you have presented is a list of video’s related to your interests, and not a list of video’s with concepts that are “millions of subscriber’s levels of interesting”. Because, if you simplify it enough, no concept would be at that level. Creator’s need numerous things beyond a simple concept to reach that level, and ignoring that simply because you aren’t interested in the concept of their video’s is on you, not them. Accept that there’s people who are popular for things you don’t care about, and move on.

Evdently there is also an element of contingence in success of complex endeavors like business or science. Most attempts fail, some don’t, and (beyond obvious shortcomings) there is no way to tell them apart (as of yet). Success is no measure of the content or quality of an endeavor. We can take that too, and move on with what interest us most.

Sometimes you just want to watch someone do something that requires skill, that they are good at. My niece used to throw on makeup tutorials while on my youtube account, and while I wasn’t interested in learning how to apply makeup myself it was very interesting to see a beautiful woman turn herself into a convincing movie monster when they would appear in my feed.

You seem to misunderstand something. It’s not interesting *to you* that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting to others. The world is made up of around 8 billion people. Having millions of subscribers isn’t even enough to make 1% of the total population of the world. Yet you try and justify “it’s not interesting to *me* therefore it can’t be interesting to millions of people”. Interest is a relative term and just because you don’t understand/like the content doesn’t mean that there aren’t 7.99 billion people who might have a different opinion from you. Also it’s SEWING, not SOWING. Sowing is what you do when you plant crops. Which incidentally also probably has channels about it with millions of subscribers. Millions sounds like a lot until you bring it into reference with the ‘total’ of everything.

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