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Uh oh. Michelle opened Philadorable’s Box.

All my hate.

No, no, no. That’s a different box and person… And it’s the box that hates, everything and anything. But at least it does so equally. (Which is why Corvus Corax wanted to go back inside so badly… hahhhh, I miss Emperor’s TTS so much…)

Right. Pandora’s jar “containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils” which we already have. Philadorable’s fetishes contains “big and small boobs” and other “women” body parts and dresses. Mine definitely contain anthropomorphic cats (assuming big boob eye staying time is only because they are easier to locate). 👀 Maybe Kate wants to switch a partner!?

Well, that had to go *somewhere*. 👺I dunno about sucj stuff, but I gather it feels nice to get rid of it.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have all Phil’s girlfriends’s boobs, abs, butts, legs, dresses and cat traits. (And long hair, but Phiil made a long list.) It’s a good exchange! 😎

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