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That’s got to be the most ripped nerd ever.

being really honest here . . .Phil doesn’t even Crack the top 10

I think a candidate could be Henry Cavill. He came out as a fantasy nerd in several interviews I stumbled on when looking at DC context. And in one of them he described on ripping how he scales back right after acting that demanded it since it’s too little fat for health (increased mortality).

[FWIW, I should add – both for moral and nerdy reasons – a note on metabolism experiments, that there are early finds that imply losing weight too fast is as bad for your epigenetic control as gaining it too fast/much in the first place. So going slowly is likely better, and Cavill may risk his health anyway.]

Whoah. An 8-pack? That’s like 2 sessions in the gym a day kinda work. Phil must now cash in his nerd card and pick up his gym-bro badge instead.

He’s been doing nearly daily martial training for about 2 years now along with conditioning… Not really a gym guy though. Also I exaggerated it a bit 😛 (I’ve been working on some texture work lately for some models and been working on painting abs several times so- I got a little carried away XD There are some interesting differences in muscle groups on people)

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