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And that, Ladies and Gents, is the problem with modern poly-amorous relationships. There are shockingly few of them that take into consideration the fact that for it to work, all parties have to be on board and share a bond of mutual trust and respect with all other members, and that is decidedly NOT EASY.

Yeah. Almost all the anime and fiction stories where the MC has a harem skip over that whole issue or resolve it with magic handwaving.

The few that actually cover this aspect in detail and have actual discussions about this tend to be better written.

Yes, the light novel Bringing The Farm To Another World for example the magical farm space he has will adjust anyone that enters to be favorable towards the MC sometimes obviously sometimes subtly. So he’s baffled why his growing harem gets along so well despite earlier conflicts because he doesn’t realize the farm space has that affect on living creatures, he just thinks it can remake and control monsters and undead. A conflicting harem wouldn’t be good for him so it mind controlled the women into being all happy about things.

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