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Dr. Who, Dr. What and Dr. Why walks into a bar. The bartender asks Dr. Who, “What’s up doc, why do you have a thermometer behind your ear, who did that to you!?”

Surprised, the doctors all reaches behind their ear and grabs the thermometers.

“Huh,” Dr. Who replies. “I guess my Tardis is smaller than I thought.”
“Huh,” Dr. What replies. “I guess my Whatsapp is hot.”
Huh,” Dr. Why replies. “I guess some asshole has my pencil.”

Congratulations. You are the first person that told me a real bar joke all the way. Everyone else either stops at the first line or it is a non-joke (ie- the whale replies “waaoaoooooooooooaoaoo”).

It’s selfish but … it’s more fun for me – we don’t have bar jokes where I live. By writing it out, or in this case authoring a variation, I commit to memory. In case I stumble into, or out of, a bar…

[Also, I messed up. It should be “The bartender asks, “What’s up doc, …”, since I managed to put who/Who in there.]

From its appearance, I’d guess an angelic being of some sort. Which raises the question of why the attack? I thought they’d already discussed this with them last time they tried to kill Phil? It. Doesn’t. Work.

I guess this might have something to do with the unusual outsider Phil encountered.

Hope it wasn’t a Amazon delievery?

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