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wait…father? is this just random or did the father of the ones who became Death and Life, who was hinted at to be the real villain behind their actions, and the creators of the Magi(sometime during the defeat of Life and Death, don’t remember the specific comic it was mentioned), finally show up?

So what will hurt Phil?

Most dangerous things can HURT Phil.

The problem is that basically nothing can DAMAGE him. There’s a difference. As far as we know, about the only vulnerability he has is needing to breathe, so he can be drowned or choked out by someone physically stronger that doesn’t use magic.

So if Phi was put into deep space that would kill him? And what about poisonous gases that is not magical?

if its like a gas that just fills/coats your lungs so you cant breathe, then it would be the same as choking him out physically, but those that would do things like melt or shred the lungs, or cause inflammation or other ‘milder’ symptoms, would probably be useless

Even then, it seemingly only works when he’s aware he’s in danger. If it’s an odorless, colorless gas, he won’t be affected. If he’s dragged off into space or thrown off a boat into the ocean, and sinks to the bottom, yeah, he’ll suffocate/drown.

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