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That last panel just makes me want to pat her head…
Anyway. What will next page be? Yuki trying to initiate skin to skin contact, her pausing and getting distracted by the abs, or Kate and Michelle pulling her away because she is getting a bit too intimate with their man?

i think go for naked man, just bare it all, but uh, ask Kate first

A little fan theory of mine is that phil’s ability adapts based on what killed the previous user. So the first Null was killed by death’s magic (witch we know from the legend) granting his son immunity to magic. His son (second Null) dies of blunt force trauma from a sneak attack to the head (confirmed by a line from the old magi of fire). As such Phil (third Null) is immune to magic and physical attacks. This would also explain why phil’s ability works better on attacks he is not aware of (they technically are sneak attacks).

I am sorry isn’t Phil’s magic like anti-magic if she gets close to it wouldn’t she like cease to exist?

Do robot girls stop working around Phil? Does Kate revert to a human around Phil? Yuki isn’t made out of magic, she’s a Kitsune. A creature with magic powers. Phil doesn’t get rid of all magic around him, it specifically targets possible threats or harmful magic, or effects he or his magic doesnt want to happen or work.

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