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Okay, crash course time. This is your Documents folder. That’s where you put cat videos. This is your Pictures folder—cat videos go in there too. This is the deskto—Look, you’re going to need to get a 𝙡𝙤𝙩 of cat videos if you want to get anywhere on a computer. Let me show you Reddit and Youtube.

Yuki is so *smol*! Cuddle size. 👀

Yuki is going to find out about the Quantum Laser Rune Circles isn’t she?

Freestyle dancing perhaps, her 9 tails could work wonders and I’d like a wing person at times. Cuddles for after, naturally. No to the rest, my nerd side is into astrobiology and cosmology at the moment. All lasers build on quantum physics and large rune stones have text curlicues and I don’t think I have any of those thingamajigs lying around – both are soo last millenium.

We made rocks think.

Not to oversimplify though, you have to flatten and engrave them first, then shoot tiiiny lightning through

It may not be gneiss to you, but we *are* thinking rocks. In the basalt sense that biology split from geology 4 billion years ago.

Oh foo. Obviously cat videos go in the Videos folder, cat pictures in the Pictures folder, cat documents in the Documents folder! Make subfolders so cats and dogs are separate, and add shortcuts in Docs/Pics/Vids to the other two. Cross-references are important. Oh, cat meows in the Music folder. Vinyl, Super 8, 16 and 35mm film (you did keep them, right?), magnetic wire and tape reels get digitised with VHS and Betamax.

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