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Poor Kate!

By the way I hope wtich is a misspell of ‘a spell user’. Because if it is yet another version of lich I’m monstrously confused.

“Witch” is just them politely avoiding dropping a B-word in conversation.

Kate’s mother has no magic of any kind, she is simply an unrepentant arsehole nobody wants anything to do with.

From what I remember Kate’s mom kicked Kate out right after she was changed during the global event that changed people in chimera. And even after it was revealed the changed people were really the same people and not switched with demon lookalikes she didn’t show remorse.

So maybe not actual ‘set her on fire and laugh’ levels of evil, but certainly ‘I did nothing wrong and it is your fault for turning into a cat’ kind of evil. Which you still don’t want near your wedding, or in your life at all.

for some reason somewhere in the back of my head Hyperbolic feels like the wrong word in that sentence at the same time I am reminded I got Cs in english throughout school and even had to repeat 9th grade english during my sophmore year of school

Here it means exaggerating, as in hyperbolic trajectories diverging into infinity.

It’s not as common a term, 43 million search hits vs 249 million. It’s hard to keep up with changing usage, but at least it is easy to score the more common term (if you know them from looking up synonyms for example).

Nothing has changed about the usage. Just because most ppl couldn’t be bothered to stay awake in Lit classes, and learn what words mean, doesn’t’ mean ppl are using the word in a new way. It’s always meant taking exaggeration out to the extreme end of things. (among other things) You can’t have a statement filled with hyperbole if someone isn’t being hyperbolic.

Languages evolve, which is one explanation why we can feel that a word is the wrong one (but it isn’t).

[FWIW, we don’t have Literature classes where I live. “The activities in a literature class—reading, writing, discussing, thinking critically about texts and ideas—prepare students for the work world and for life.” Of course the language classes would have some reading of literature, but not (say) text discussions. It feels … foreign. 😎]

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