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“Apartment setup for her” -> “Apartment set up for her”

That last panel… Heck but she loved being told that she’s loved.

I wonder if it’s the same person that does the lettering/text for Savestate, apparently they’re convinced there’s no such thing as ‘set up’ and that only ‘setup’ exists and refuse to letter it otherwise. Also ‘appartment’ is written with two ‘p’s.

It’s just a common typo. I am the only one doing the typing and sketching and inking and coloring. I have a friend that does a quick check on the text usually but sometimes I work super late and they go to sleep like some kinda normal person! So I post it and just wait for them to wake up and tell me it’s wrong or keep an eye on the comments for people to help find my errors so i can fix them for all the people who haven’t read it yet!

Anyone familiar with writing should be very aware of how you can accidentally type the wrong thing and when you go back to read it you still don’t notice the error because you already have the line in your brain. Your brain just reads it how it is supposed to be, because it has the memory of what it should say. There are a few ways to try to overcome this. One is to read it backwards. That sometimes helps but not always. Another is to write it, and then let it sit for a few days, go back and read it and then you have forgotten some of the details and you then will notice the errors. Then there’s editors! Problem is when you use one editor even they can miss things especially if it’s an error they see often over and over again, their brain starts to ignore it and read it like normal!

“Anyone familiar with writing should be very aware of how you can accidentally type the wrong thing and when you go back to read it you still don’t notice the error because you already have the line in your brain.”

And here is me, just got down checking grammar on ~25k words, nodding to this. Typos happen. Even Stephan King has an editor for his books.

What I can recommend is using Gdocs to find grammar mistakes by keeping a temp document and just copy-pasting in to check things over.

Because of formatting for comics, copying and pasting into a document is a real pain and you end up with a lot of false positives. Especially since I use a font that has certain errors so I actually have to capitalize and not capitalize some letters. For example, there is a weird error I cant seem to get to go away with capital A – where it will legit blip out sometimes. It’s very odd and I’ve tried replacing the font, nothing seems to fix it. If I make it a lower case a though it works fine and it uses the Uppercase A font anyways for the lower case. It’s legit less of a hassle to go back and fix the page than it is to try and run it all through spell check and grammar check. Although… I wonder if there is a program I can run on my pc that can allow for it to check within clip studio.

Easy way to remember this one is that “setup” is a *noun*, while “set up” is a verb phrase. You can assist with someone’s apartment setup, or you can help them set up their apartment.

A similar rule applies to “login” and “log in”.

This exactly, yes.

This is really odd, I keep posting this reply but something is deleting it.

It doesn’t delete messages, it just flags things sometimes and waits for me to approve them before they are posted live. Sometimes it flags things for suspicious links, odd usernames, weird links attached to email addresses in the info on the profile, very short messages, very long messages, certain keywords-. If your message seems to go away and doesnt come back within 4-8 hours- i am likely asleep. O_O (And i rather have this strict thing set up than half the terrible stuff that I see being autoposted by bots that gets caught in the net)

Fair enough, and understandable. I’ll try to ensure to make extra words so the nice filter doesn’t lock me out. Thanks for the explanation.

I have had some odd reactions to using my own domain as an email service. Basically, any mail sent to anything on there comes to my inbox, but I can change the “username” part of the email address so I can get an idea who is leaking my contacts to spam sources. I had one organization actually contact me because they have people manually check email change requests, and my email address was “their_company_name@mydomain.tld” and they thought something weird was going on.

Getting a setup passed my spellcheck/reading, but I may have missed the misspell. Oh well, I was in a hurry.

[The steel hard irony of the web: Damaged’s comments are damaged. I’ve seen outright refusals to post in my standard browser after ‘upgrades’ of it. Backup browser worked and the problem went away with later versions.]

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