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Next week is a holiday week for both Thanksgiving and – My birthday! So I will have fillers for both, because… that’s what I do for time off. I keep doing work even for my time off- but I get to draw random fun stuff and share it on the comic site soooo. (Artificial Incident will update as normal because that’s how I roll with it XD)
Streaming tonight at 8pm EST over at!


How to cultivate staving off the crazy.

In other news, we hear that Sage can say Thanks to his birthday – very sagely. Congrats!

[It can be too much convenience though. One of my girl friends was … annoyed … with her parents. She was born on our largest holiday of Yule and her parents picked her first name on that theme. So she ended up having all her Big Days in the same week and spent her upbringing having them celebrated in one go.]

Blech. If i have a kid born on or right next to a holiday, we celebrate the weekend before or the weekend after. A child deserves to have their birthday be a special day, rather than an exercise in cramming several events into one day. Also, if I have kids born on the same day (twins or the unlikely event they just happened to be born the same day), they’ll trade off yearly whose birthday we celebrate first, unless they are fine and want a joint bday party. Because I want to be awesome dad not disappointment dad.

another option is they could be planning to hit Second Chance,

Oh, oh no that is also a point. A question is how much does the mom know about. The dad only just found Kate, and sure as hell wouldn’t tell her. Cultist typically dont get out much as the dont agree with most people. The government was a mess and has terrible records that would not be able to help her find Kate, and would she even be looking for Kate. But the orphanage, that was on the news, its well publicized and known. There is sabotage in place to prevent weddings that got bypassed, so there is a chance of a spiteful tip off given to a group like theirs, but that would be very dumb as extremism tearing up a place would just put spotlight on the problem and reveal the laws and sabotage that clearly couldn’t be put directly into writing. This would expose those who set it up and rile up support groups. So more likely your right and its the orphanage.

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