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Birthday Filler 2022

Birthday Filler 2022 published on 8 Comments on Birthday Filler 2022

Temperature around here sure has dropped considerably. SO! Most of you should have seen this character before from last year. She’s a D&D character of mine that I do some stories and stuff with. She’s not stupid, but she is a major tease to some of her friends. She’s a cleric of the goddess of Love and I love the lore o_o. So… Why is she featured here? Well my Birthday is this week! Not today, but I generally like to do a filler for my birthday and a filler for Thanksgiving. Even though this year they are- the same day. So there will be no Thanksgiving filler! Well there will, It just won’t be thanksgiving themed. I just wanna draw something fun that doesn’t require a lot of thought, no mashed potato based trauma or anything like that. The poor girl has suffered enough! So! This may be the birthday filler, but my birthday isn’t until Thursday. Where I will pretend people all across the United States will be having feasts in my honor!


Congratulations to your Big Days!

And congratulations to us for the Casual Filly. Yes, my nitpick on spelling follows causally from the misspell of casual – I cannot do else.

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