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It often amazes me how much spite can be fitted into one human.

I am sorry have you read what some people did in history I mean really look into what early Christians had to deal with in Rome fun fact Revelations is not about hell its about Rome under the Emperor and what they did to Christians

We’ll just ignore all the horrible things christians have done through out history. Romans just protecting their home from heretics.

These are all bad takes, please. Pretty much every group of people in history has been a victim and the wrongdoer. There’s legit no reason to bring up one over the other in the comments here. Really not the place to start that discussion of who was worse in history. No one is going to say “All Christians are great people” and no one is going to say “All Romans were great people”. People are people, and they are on a very broad spectrum, and historical documentational leans heavy on negative over positive. As do most things because we have the more to learn from hardships and people aren’t as vocal about how happy they are as they are about complaining about how unhappy they are.

They are very bad takes, added to the fact that the sources for and against are based on the religious myth package and so has no bearing on what happened or not happened.

It would be odd to find much texts from the time – we have little (but in the end enough) evidence of the historicity of Caesar for example (no grave et cetera) – and indeed from a short search there seems to be no historical source on the topic that is accepted by all.

I did apologize for it later, since id said so while I was tired and already annoyed at stuff… But I ran across a person online talking about how much quote “The white man owns my brothers for what they have done.” they kept going on and on as if Africans were the only ones ever enslaved. I pointed out, rather rudely I admit, that “As far as I have read across the History of the human Race No one has ever not been enslaved by another. You don’t see me whining about all my fellow Red heads being Decapitated or my fellow Pagans being burned to death. Take some time to Study. We have all been F***ed over at some point, your not special in that regard so Move on.”

I repeat, I did apologize for being rude later on… but apparently I did help open the guys eyes to the Messed up history of humanity. He told me he wanted to prove me wrong.. but found out that I was more accurate than he was ready to admit.

It all boils down to belief — if you don’t believe the cute cat girl IS your daughter, then it must be connected with the disappearence of your REAL daughter. If it claims to be her, it is lying to you when you’ve just lost a loved one, and it is probably in league with the kidnappers. As the hours pass the chances of finding a kidnap victim alive shrink. Now it is in league with your daughter’s *killers*. In a few short steps the failure to recognize a loved one whose appearance has changed pyramids into hating them.

Sounds like there is a cultist / supporter working at whatever level of government handles name changes if Kate’s name change by marriage is denied only due to her being a chimera. (If I’m reading the first panel right.)

And seems I was wrong about the level of hate Kate’s egg-donor feels towards her. She still thinks chimera replaced their children instead of the children being transformed. I get being spiteful if that is your honest believe, but at the same time I’d think that theory would’ve been debunked in-universe years ago.

That would require you -believing- what you have been told. Many many real life examples of people not believing the facts that have been presented to them…F alt-earthers for example.

There is a difference between this and anti vax and flat earthers, evidence has to be told to them vs seeing and experiencing first hand. This is far more tangible and wide spread enough that it limits doubt. With the sheer scope of it it limits conspiracy theories, though sadly magic does open up a lot as well.

Yes. It is still mostly the person’s traits so it is still mostly the original genes. A genetic test on hair roots from a brush (say) would match the chimera genome uniquely.

Maybe they are conspiracy cultists, laboring under the double whammy that their children are spirited away* (by the conspiracy, making *them* special) and unchanged (by their wants, making the children ordinary).

*Replacing the original formulation In honor of the fantastic movie “Spirited Away” by Studio Ghibli.

There are medical neurological conditions where people believe loved ones are replaced by imposters.

So it isn’t hard to imagine that such a stressful and sanity questioning time could induce such a condition. Unlikely to be, but hope springs eternal.

is that Kate’s mom?

Yep, I think it’s her second actual appearance in the comic.

Wait, did that just say that Kate tried to change her last name to Phil’s and it was denied? Why was it denied?

Short version is that the Weirding was a massive change both in terms of scope and impact, and both of those things tends to get people all panicky and brings out some of our worst “us vs them” tribalistic tendencies. Indeed, we see that in the very terminology employed with the aftereffects.

Recall that both people like Kate and people like Axel are lumped together as “chimera” (albeit different subtypes), the name itself hinting at a belief that they are not “proper” humans but instead some weird amalgams.

While things are – on the whole – getting better, we’ve also been seeing anti-chimera sentiment percolating in the background. Kate wouldn’t have been driven into the arms of the former Fire Magus’s little wannabe “Brotherhood of Mutants” if she wasn’t still feeling alienated early in the comic.

Perhaps more concerning, we saw efforts being pushed for a “Chimera Registration” program as early as page 435, which evidently got pushed through, as we see Kate get her registration form on page 860.

Her name change being blocked likely traces to that. While the pretext for the registration is to aid in criminal cases involving unusual circumstances, even its spokesman on the prior page tipped its hand by calling chimeras ‘creatures’ who needed to be controlled and couldn’t be compared to other humans. The purpose is control, and denying name changes is just one more means of exerting such control.

Luckily, while Kate’s mom has “friends”, so does Kate and I’d bank on the competence of Nami and Co. over a bunch of conspiracy nuts who probably haven’t even met, yet.

Yeah, same here! I will bet on a clan of real ninjas, mages, and an army worth of super smart robo girls serving a super genius billionaire inventor, over some wacko cult any day!

Edit: upon rereading that, I realized my post sounds like the plot of some old Saturday morning cartoon/anime.(that i kinda wanna watch now…)

Sure beats the crap out of that Stargate Infinity Saturday morning cartoon. I was a big Stargate/Stargate SG-1 Fan and obviously a huge animation fan too- and I JUST found out there was a Stargate animated series… It was painful to watch 4 minutes of it. . . I had no reason to bring that up, other than my shock of having just seen it and then research it seeing how it had no support from the SG-1 writers or anyone involved with it, and was just kind of a wacky weird action adventure sci-fi animated series that- has a stargate.

Yeah, it pretty much flies in the face of Stargate canon. Every stargate the team comes across has an Iris, which is SG-1 specific in canon, the team are fleeing obviously false treason charges, made glaring because the shape-shifters that got them charged were caught, and they’re being chased by these lizards that somehow got their hands on Go’auld weapons and tech, but … they let the lizards live, even though Earth is actively at war with them. Then there’s the “hit them on the head” aesop at the end of every episode.

It’s a fun cartoon, but it would have been better if they weren’t trying to milk the Stargate franchise with it.

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