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Oh, we’ve strayed past OSINT into wirefraud? Well, so long as they cover their tracks.

Thanks for the hard work, Sage!

They haven’t done the defrauding part yet. So probably not wire fraud, as weird as that sounds. But very likey Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. § 1030 . United States v. Nosal (Nosal II) , is the existing precedence.

Although again some kind of fraud or damage would likely need to be paired with that to get a jury conviction. “I broke into my friend’s crazy mother’s accounts to make sure she wasn’t going to try and harm or kill her daughter, because the woman thinks her daughter is a body snatching demon,” is a fairly strong emotional defense. Especially since they’d know exactly which records to subpoena (legally) with all the crazy, and possibly admission of crimes done by this group.

OSINT would be open-source intelligence. PID (personal identication data) would normally be restricted in its distribution. So if you had someone obtain the information by misusing an existing permission, such as court or law enforcement employees, there might be criminal malfeasance charges against the individual misusing his authority, but I don’t know if it would be considered computer crime. Since the mother is interfering with the wedding, it could also be tortious interference.

Now if a person joins a forum, chat room, or equivalent by creating a false persona, that might be OSINT. If the use the ID of an existing member, that might be computer crime. Assuming the C-ID is “chimera identification”, any person releasing information outside permitted channels would be in a host of trouble.

Kate also has friends among the magi, who are not known for necessarily following legal requirements in achieving their desires.

Gathering and/or collating any publicly accessible data is OSINT. Yes, I do know what the acronym means.

As for the wirefraud, apparently I didn’t know US law as well as I thought. The correct term for gaining access to accounts and exfiltrating information from them is “computer fraud”, or so my deeper research has now discovered. Still, she’s straying to the wrong side of the law for sure.

Well looks like things are going to get significantly more complicated and that Phil was correct in his worries. Of course Kate’s mother and the C-ID agents probably didn’t plan for full-dive capable gynoids with a vested interest in keeping things running smoothly for our lovely couple.

I’m curious just how big this will get and if they’ll get Shiden involved as a way to screen Kate and Phil. Also I wouldn’t be opposed to Phill “accidentally” dropping his staff on Kate’s mom but I figure there are other things planned for her to get her comeuppance.

Relishing in how Worst Mom and her buddy wackadoo’s are wholly unprepared trifle Kate’s numerous super friends that include an eccentric billionaire and his legion of skilled and absurdly resourceful robot waifu’s.

The crashing of the wedding is in turn about to be crashed. Hard, but hopefully still light enough that the crashers can be turned over to police.

Well we don’t know yet if they are doing anything full on “illegal” . Could be something like on the immensely shitty evil tier like ‘Westboro Baptist Church holding a protest as someone’s funeral’. Regardless no doubt whatever they are planning Robot Girls will not stand for it and have many *many* ways to make their lives immensely difficult.

Interfering with government services based on race is already a crime.

That only works if chimera is recognized as a race. Its not a ethnicity or a species, hell its not even genetics based, its a mutation caused by outside factors. Its not good, but it very well may not be illegal depending of how the laws are written. Sadly something being evil or unjust does not equal being a crime.

Don’t forget the assortment of magical element avatars she is friends with that i believe her Husband technically in a broad stroke counts among, Celestial, Divine and Demonic acquaintances and government officials who know them this should really be a very very very enjoyable comeuppance depending on what happens

Cindy was also mentioned in the group chat on the previous page. So either Cindy is part of this group, or someone within this group is in contact with Cindy as well.

“Cindy says the –e [name] change request hit the C-ID –ll [hill].”
(My attempt at filling the blanks.)

This could mean Cindy is their mole in the C-ID and is helping to block the name change. Or this is a common issue, as was relayed to Toyoko, and Cindy is just in contact with both parties. It’s a bit ambiguous right now but a good idea to look into next.

So many possible reasons to block a name change, most of which can mix together. Maybe the most likely is taking away one more right to make keeping constant tabs on every Chimera a little easier and to reduce their privacy, and setting up a bottleneck that can alert any number of official (and unofficial) people, but making Chimera marriages at least look less “real” and just plain harassment are probably all the case. Requiring a name change for a valid marriage and then blocking the change would also be another method of preventing marriages.

Hack evil mom and her evil group’s bank accounts, transfer the money across several hundred bank accounts on every continent, convert to gold, convert back to currency, then donate to a charity for people like Kate. Should take the robo-girls about 10 minutes. Then send some ninjas to slash their tires and put sugar in their gas tanks. An unspoiled wedding day: the perfect wedding present for Kate and, by extension Phil (although Phil flashing his massive balls and backing her mother down by calling her out on her bullshit would be equally as satisfying).

I don’t think Phil will win the balls measurement contest in the polyship, it’s well supplied on that account.

[Also, their cars have tanks!?]

Tanks? they have battleships my good man not mention I believe orbital satellites that may or may not be weapons capable I feel like Shiden once said he thought about having a space laser or at the very least seems like something he would have just to have

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