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ooh, turning that whole terrorist sect into chimeras, that would be a delightful punishement.

I will go against turning crazy mom into a chimera as she seems to be the type of unreasonable crazy where she might be driven to doing something really bad (of the self harm variety) if that happens. It won’t be the eye opening realization for her, it will be more of a “why has God forsaken me” kind of moment for her. Well, I think she would try anyways, probably be stopped though.

Good point! But by the same token they can’t turn her into a frog – she would croak.
The options are narrowing… 🐀

Croak, heh classic! But yeah I’m against the transformation thing regardless of what it might be.

And we’re against the self-harm why?

Well let me answer that with another question: Would Kate appreciate her mother, despite their history, being driven to such an act? There’s more to situations like this than just keeping said mom from trying to ruin Kate & Phil’s wedding. Were Kate’s mom driven to self harm or (well I didn’t want to outright say it before) suicide by the action’s of Kate’s friends, that is something that would forever mar their relationship, possibly to the point where Kate and Phil move out of the apartments. Given what a pacifist Phil is too you can bet he wouldn’t be cool with it either.

For what it’s worth I would far prefer to see that Michelle, Nami, and Yuki simply disrupt and interfere with the plans of Kate’s mom and that group she’s involved with. Misdirect them, have them arrested and brought up on charges (Kate’s not the only chimera who they have quite likely illegally interfered with), perhaps do something similar to what the Patriot Guard Riders did to the Westboro Baptist Church when they tried to protest funerals, heck just holding the wedding in a secure location and making it invite only would do a lot to keep these people out. Actions like this would protect Phil and Kate without causing excessive harm to others and avoid undo stress to Phil and Kate.

I agree with the more important specifics! But I would also add a general notion that it is harm, same as other harm.

Personally I wouldn\t encourage it, besides the moral (or ethical, for organizations) dilemma. FWIW, the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) statistics says that (major scale) conflicts has a global death rate of around 1 per 100.000, which is about the global death rate of suicides. In most societies not in conflict, the most dangerous person is the individual itself.

Her mom and her cohortes are messing with the Null and his chimera fiance, who has a billionaire weapon-happy friend, several powerful immortal friends not to mention a whole legion of androids… who are also their friends…, not to mention the demonic party, also friends and now they have a celestial on their side too who is, if for nothing else, in it for the mischief…

… they have no idea what they are going into, right?

There sadly are people who wouldn’t care. If anything, they would spin doctor it into casting themselves as the saviors of humanity against the billionaire consorting with demonic forces out to enslave the world! Yes, there are people that out of touch with reality that they would find a “proper” and “just” excuse to kill a living god.

Actions… need. Not needs.
Apologies. These things matter to me.

Needs is correct because she’s not saying the cult need be stopped, but that Kate’s mother, needs to be stopped. They are not describing the cult, but just her mother, thus offering to turn HER into a frog, rather than turn THEM into frogs.

would it count as attempted murder if they shoot holographic decoys thinking they are real?

Intent does mater in most law codes. So if Kate’s mom was caught shot an illusion of Kate, thinking she was real, she could be charged with assault with intent to murder; even if the illusion was discovered afterwards.

Any plans the girls would have would have to prevent any further attempts on Kate or anyone else, and trigger a crack down on the cult and it’s resources, at the same time they would have to hide their own involvement. especially from Kate and Phil, not that they wouldn’t approve, but because they’d worry. It’s also probably best if Yuki isn’t directly involved, besides maybe some refinements should she choose to do so, as a demonstration of how sneaky and effective they can be on their own can earn them her favor, which would be more valuable than her assistance with Kate’s mother. Of particular note is her higher level and more intricate knowledge of magic, and her ability to perceive different types, including Phil’s null magic,

Forcefully turn Kate’s mom into a Kitsune Chimera. Make her have a taste of her own medicine permanently. Make the celestial kitsune be her master and force her to understand what she is doing is wrong.

Make her walk a mile in the shoes of her daughter and have her little cult suffer the same fate.

It is only fair and justified.

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