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Personal space, physical boundaries, subtlety
—List of concepts foreign to demons

Thanks for the page, Sage!

While it is always appreciable to see Kalish in any capacity, especially one as alluring as this, the timing of this makes me a bit excited just to contemplate the notion of android girls, kitsune, and a demoness all causing mischief for Kate’s mother and her cult. About the only thing still to add to that delightful picture is the magi girls! 🙂

Kalish used underboobs. Axel is deteated again.

Under? Sure doesn’t look like under to me.

Kalish’s upside down… It was effective!

You didnt notice the divide between the last two panels. She is laying down on the couch to his side, not haning over the back of it. So by your logic of it being based on upright orientation it would be side. In no way is it under.

I noticed, and the perspective can be interpreted several ways – Kalish has boobs enough for all of them. But my comment was going towards the effect of an upside down perspective and making temporary underboobs.

[If this discussion becomes longer, I note that “logic” or even mathematics do not apply to the entirety of physics analysis, since physics is based on observation and statistics of uncertainty. Sure, computer logic and in the broadest sense algorithmic methods such as modeling are applicable to all of it, but it isn’t usually taken as “logic”. Also, media “physics” is not actually physics …]

I’m going to assume that since we’re seeing these two now that they are going to be brought in on Michelle and Nami’s plan to thwart Kate’s mom.

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