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Well, Phil managed to get off the hook of Yuki tailing him so closely. Though I’m curious if she would have to dry her display tail or all her kitsune tails. “Kitsune have as many as nine tails.”

Speaking of curious, a question for native English speakers: Shouldn’t there be more verbs in the first sentence? I.e. “While *it’s* concerning …” or – perhaps better – “It’s concerning that the creature from the void made it …”.

[The second alternative repeat the same sentence start in two consecutive sentences, so it is not ideal. The second sentence may have to start with something like “Though it’s …” in order to read smoothly. Taking out a “while” and a “that” should leave room for putting in a “though” though.]

Wow! Phil is RIPPED. Amazing he and Yuki can have a coherent conversation while he’s in the shower and she’s on the other side of a wall. The acoustics in a shower alone are always a crapshoot, never mind going around corners and stone walls.

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