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Also, I wonder if Phil gets a boost since he’s immune to damage… muscle degradation might very likely count. Imagine never losing muscle after you develop it…

That would lead to real overdevelopment (not just imbalanced), which is different kind of harmful. The great part of semi-sentiment magic, it doesn’t have to try all the chairs, bowls, and beds to find out “just right”. It’d know what a natural healthy muscular Phil should be. It probably also knows what a health naturally muscular Phil a Kate would like O⁠ωO.

I don’t think that works. It is AFAIK a fact that muscles grow due to the signal that anaerobically produced lactic acid makes. But the skeleton needs a bit of stress impact to remodel stronger.

So a magically protected Phil would become an immensely muscular pool of blubber.

no.. i have looked like Phil all my life. when i went into the Marines i was 5’2″ an 98lbs.. they said they would put at least 5 pounds on me.. i came out of boot camp at 96lbs.. they tried it all,, over eating, protein, lots of exercise, even tried the meds.. nothing changed.!! many years later i still look like a 14 year old nerd.. 🙂
just measured,, i have a 27″ waist.. o.0

You can have other problems that prohibit muscle growth. But when a muscle grows it is due to the signal that lactic acid gives of not having enough muscle fiber mass, nervous synapses and blood vessels in that muscle.

Just a biased search, but a small preliminary study on mouse (which primates differ a lot from, unfortunately): “Mouse myoblast-derived C2C12 cells were differentiated for five days to form myotubes with or without lactate [base conjugated lactic acid] administration. C2C12 myotube formation with an increase in protein content, fiber diameter, length, and myo-nuclei was stimulated by lactate. These observations suggest that lactate may be a potential molecule to stimulate muscle hypertrophy and regeneration of mouse skeletal muscle via the activation of muscle satellite cells.”

Obligatory disclaimer: Don’t use small studies for guiding supplementary intake. If you don’t need it, it may be dangerous. If you need it, your doctor can find out from a visit.

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