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funny when the “Evil” ones are much more reasonable than the “Good” ones

The “Evil” ones aren’t more reasonable than the “Good” ones, it’s that the Phil has met the most reasonable of the “Chaotic” ones and the “Orderly” ones were in a state of what’s comparatively worthy of being called panic when they met him.

Phil has also only met a few Demons, one of which was living peacefully before running into him and the second of which also lived peacefully and is magically bound to obedience towards his friend. Of the three other’s I remember Phil meeting, one didn’t pay any attention to him, one had been trapped in a berserker state for thousands of years, and the third was more than happy to be even less reasonable than the Celestials.

If we compare that to the Celestials, excluding the three that used to be mortal (two of which he has gotten along without incident), the others saw him either as a direct threat to themselves, or protecting a direct threat to existence itself. It’s not really a situation where “talking things out” is a reasonable course of action.

Light is not good.
Dark is not evil.

Demons making for better, nicer people than the so-called “angels”…, I wish that were a novel concept. 🙁

On the bright side (hehe), Celestials make for a poor man’s excuse for a person in this particular case because they’re just too overspecialized. The soldier swords have all the intelligence of a lump of metal because they’re not made to be intelligent, they’re made to fight. It’s just so crippling of an overspecialization that the military rejects the notion of diplomacy. More generic, people types, like the Atlantean (I forget his name) and Yuki here are actually capable of, well, people things, and being social. They’re not literally so specialized into a job they can’t understand concepts outside of that job like some of the others seem to be.

Both Pen Pen and Kalish have mostly been trying to live alongside humanity for some time. Not dominate, subjugate, etc, they seem to like humanity. Not to mention they had to for a long time try to get along with little magic so that may have made them more amenable to peaceful coexistence while on Earth. Helping Phil along also seemed to go along with Pen Pen’s goals so yeah no wonder Phil has had mostly positive experiences with them. I think the Celestials Phil has encountered so far have that classic problem of having lived apart from other beings for so long tending to make them a bit cold and aloof. And in the case of the swords their being so dedicated to their purpose only exacerbated that when they tried to go after Axel.

There’s only three Celestials that Phil has met that have lived as mortals, and Yuki is one of them. All Celestial Natives can be reasonably described as Sentient Computer Programs with Singular Activity Focus. Probably the wrong way to word that, but I’ll explain. Basically, they do a single thing, and they’re Sentient purely to make them better at doing that singular thing. Given that Phil seemed to be antagonistic to them doing their job when they first met, it makes sense that they had problems with him.

As for the rudeness, they have a Singular Activity Focus. Diplomacy isn’t anywhere NEAR any of their speciality, so manners aren’t something they pay overly much attention to.

It’s amazing how quickly and adroitly Yuki can pivot between “mystical otherwordly being of incredible wisdom and power” and “stacked spunky silly shortstack,” and sometimes even managing to wear both hats simultaneously, which doesn’t even feel like it should be possible

It’s so…. *kyuubi.* It’s perfect. Sage is really showing his chops in writing her and I’m enjoying Yosh even more than I ever have, these days.

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