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as i say to one in this ‘spot’.. TELL THEM!.. communicate,, IF they truly love you or are your BFF. they will help.! oh yes they will mess with you,,, but only up to when you tell them to stop… i am a anti-social introvert. my BFF keeps dragging me to “events” , but if i tell her “I’m Done!” .. she’s like , the cars this way…

The way Phil is presented, he’s actually fine with them acting this way, but is uncertain as to how he’s supposed to act when they get into situations like this. For example, one option is joining in, and, if he does so, what’s supposed to be the limits of his actions? A second is to leave the room, and a third is to become a distraction, with one of the variations being demanding attention himself. As he has all these options, and more, as reasonable courses of action and no idea which is “superior”, he ends up getting choice paralysis and just moping instead. And that’s before taking into consideration the fact that whether or not a guest, like Yuki, is in front of them and whether or not that changes anything in how he should act.

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